Welcome to the Evangelical Christian Church

Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the Dayspring from on high has visited us, to give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace. Luke 1:78-79

United in love, strengthened by faith

francoispic2Greetings my brothers and sisters in the faith… Welcome to the family of the Dayspring Ministry Group …and the Evangelical Christian Church. We hope that as you browse our page, you will listen to God as He leads you into this Christ Centered Fellowship of Churches, Ministries and Ministers.

Our mission is to provide a home for evangelical Christians. Many churches have deviated from Biblical truths about God, Jesus and the Bible. The gender of God is debated; the divinity of Jesus is questioned and the authority of the Bible is challenged.

Dayspring Ministries International through The The Evangelical Christian Church, provides Administrative and Spiritual leadership for the Church through the Presiding Minister of the ECC, A Bishop General, The Ruling Bishops, and the Provincial and Regional Superintendents.

DMI through the ECC was formed to establish a fellowship of ministers who desire to strive for unity in the Body of Christ; to edify, exhort and encourage the ministry; to provide legal and spiritual recognition of the call God has placed on an individual and to assist in the fulfillment of that call for women and men, to promote fellowship; to promote independence and freedom to follow the vision God has given you.

God’s leaders are too frequently overworked, abused, and overcome by the pressures of ministry and the wounds of people. Ministry designed to restore leaders to lives of wholeness is a goal of this fellowship. DMI intends to provide grace-filled and Bible-based restoration for spiritual leaders who have fallen into sin or destructive life patterns with the goal of seeing full and complete restoration whenever possible.

We believe the Scripture teaches equality for women in ministry. To this end women are ordained the same as are men. Women have equal opportunities as men in DMI. Women can and have reached the position of “Ruling Bishop” in The Evangelical Christian church … Dayspring Ministries International.

Dayspring is involved in several ministries including a counseling and college ministry. Dayspring Ministries International wishes also to affirm those of like faith and calling. Read further about our ministry of offering credentials to those who are called to preach or serve God in some special way. Read about equality in ministry for women… Read our articles of faith, our requirements for ministry and become a Dayspring Minister.

Dr. Denis Francois, Metropolitan Archbishop, ECC