Reason it was twice forgot to get the key quest the first time. You just need someone in your group to open the cage. I ran my priest through this with my 80 mage. Not as stated above. All of my gear I use to kill him, as a paladin, is from normal five man instances and group quests.

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Here’s what I did. Also used Kings instead of Salvation for the added damage, health and mana. Once you have him cz killed and ransacked, get out of there – he respawns quickly. Not really a shortcut but it happened to me accidentally. Prolly not by a normal lvl 68 lock tho.

map cs bloodstrike 1 way

Just heal the earth ele if he needs a heal than just Lava burst Flame shock Earthshock, Lightning bolt So u can solo it. Your own results may vary, so have fun: Il y a des grottes l’une à côté de l’autre, et c’est celle de droite qui contient la clé.

I do not approve of this change, or any other change which lowers the game’s fun level for that matter. Commentaire de Lissi So, after he’s been bloodstike twice already, and Ds found him in a cage by a pot about c be cooked Therefore you need to keep voidy close to full all the time.

map cs bloodstrike 1 way

Minor typing errors with immediately, Eviscerates, Adrenaline, and my name. I kept CoW on Cho’war throughout and just kept health funneling voidy to full health all the time, while keeping myself bandaged health funnel sucks health, not mana. Was able to do the whole fight in kitty, build up 5 combo points, rip, rinse and repeat.


Commentaire de Boxofbeer Cho’war the Pillager http: I had to use Lifeblood, the Cooldowns mentioned, and a Super healing potion. I just had mend pet on so that the pet could last as long as possible, and popped all damage cooldowns I had. Commentaire de xtrem Did it easy with me 66 rogue and 68 feral druid, no jumping or anything. There is an open path on the backside bordering Zangarmarsh that you can walk in and drop him for the key.

When Corki respawns, the door to his box is shut. The video posted above will help you getting familiar with the setup, but I think it’s pretty clear anyway when you’re at the location yourself. Then I figured what the hell bloodshrike as well try with voidwalker, since he is definately tougher.

map cs bloodstrike 1 way

Commentaire de Bloodeaglee Very easy. My Ghoul Minion slashed at him, and with this process I took him down with little mqp. After you get key from killing Cho’war, corki is in middle cave all the say in back, 29, Then, when he almost reached me, I mqp running, ice lancing him.

Then Wag died and I looted the key. Went down in about a minute and a half! The only way it’d work was if the pet tanked, I the druid started in cat form to help with dps and after that shift to help heal the pet, shift back, do damage, shift out to heal.


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Or just fly over the mountain straight to his lair’s entrance. Just keep your dots up use power word shield every time you can and bring along a mana potion. As you get to the entrance, walk through the cave, blooodstrike see him at his spot. I can solo it as a paladin by outlasting him.

Then, when my shield broke, I jumped down with slow fall, Ice lancing him in the air. You should save your tiger’s fury and survival instincts cooldowns for step 4. This guy is not soloable at least for me. You kill the NPC in the quest but still have more to do. Use Soulshatter if you pull aggro off the pet. Commentaire de Skyfury Soloed with lvl 70 feral druid, bear form all the way.

Telecharger gratuit carte cs bloodstrike 1 way

Go Bear and pop Frienzied Regeneration when you’re getting low on hp. I activated Bloodrage one more time and kept pounding away.

Commentaire de Gaybrel84 This quest now grants a whopping rep for the Kurenai.